Wessex Archaeology

On Tuesday, year 3 and 4 children from St Michael's Primary School were very lucky to have been invited to Wessex Archaeology Headquarters. The children had an amazing time! 

They first got the opportunity to see archaeologists in action, cleaning and processing artefacts on a tour of their workplace. They then took part in different workshops where they completed some of the work themselves! These involved digging for finds before cleaning, sorting and processing their discoveries. As the children are learning about Stone Age in their current topic, they were delighted to learn about the pottery from this time and have a go at making their own coil pots.

At the end of their visit, the class got to meet Time Team's Phil Harding, who came to look at the flint artefacts one of the children had brought in and showed the class a flint hand axe he had made.

Also, the children were excited to be able to eat their lunch by the Old Sarum airfield, where the Red Devils completed a parachute jump.

Such an amazing time was had by all!