Hockey Festival Write up from Class 4

It was a very sunny day in February.


  1. Amesbury Red: 3-0 to them, some good attacks on their goal and 3 or 4 shots just were not going in.

  2. Woodford Valley 4-0 to them, they were eventual finalist and won every game they played. We played well and were given praise for our determination.

  3. Collingbourne 2-0 to them. Both goals snuck through our defence as we were fighting around their goal for much of the match.

  4. Netheravon 1-0 to us. Probably the biggest cheer on the pitch as we had been so close to scoring in every single match and had been denied it.

  5. Woodborough 1-0 to them. Just missed by millimetres a ball that Livie and Georgia had been so close to getting in, then the whistle went, end of match ARGHH!!

  6. Castle School 1-0 for us. Great way to finish and we definitely deserved to win another match.

 We played a confident looking Amesbury Red in our first game. We made some excellent tackles and Georgia stopped a goal with great clearance and Lewis managed a long hit away when they were close to our goal. We just could not keep the ball and get it to the goal end that mattered to us….. theirs!  Final score 3-0 to them.  It was a good game to get us warmed up in defence, just as well we were warmed up as the next game against Woodford Valley was tough. They were the eventual group winners from our pool. Despite excellent attack from Ollie and Merlin, a goal did not come our way.