New School

Dear Parents,

NEW SCHOOL UPDATE – a one day delay to opening is a possibility

We have now fully vacated the old school and are busy getting ourselves set up in the new school. It was a hive of activity today as furniture arrived and new classes were starting to emerge from the packing materials.

We are expecting final deliveries on Thursday and Friday this week – alongside a further flurry of activity as the contractors work backwards out towards the final doors! There have been one or two delays on external works; believe it or not the unseasonably hot weather has caused some issues with the landscaping – so the site may not be quite as meticulous as we would have liked when the children start – but we’ll work around that with health and safety at the forefront of our plans. There is some tarmacking also to complete and the site buildings to be withdrawn by the end of September.

Please be aware – there is a chance that the building will NOT be signed off from the contractors until the end of the day on Monday 3rd September. IF this happens – we are going to have no choice but to delay the formal staff familiarisation to the morning of Tuesday 4th September – with parents and children welcome for their familiarisation on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th September and school starting properly for all pupils on Wednesday 5th September.

We know and appreciate that this may cause some difficulties, and we will do everything we can to push for completion on Friday this week. We will send a further e mail out at the end of the day on Friday to update you – but we felt it was better to let you know sooner rather than later so that plans could be made in case of that one day’s delay.

Thank you in anticipation for your patience and forbearance. We will keep you updated.


CJ Evans (CEO) and Ms N Phillips (Principal)