Prayer and Reflection Day

Prayer and Reflection Day is for the children to reflect and understand the meaning and importance of our school value of service. Jesus came into the world to serve as an example to us a bit like a St Michael’s shining example.

He was a leader who behaved as a servant and taught us of the importance of serving others, modelling and demonstrating this through his life and teachings. Today is about getting ready for Christmas, looking at ways we can make a difference in the world to others by putting their needs first; thinking about what we can do to be little lights in our home, school, community and world community by looking out for and serving others.


We started the day with  Collective Worship in School hall led by Padre Birch, who shared the Good Samaritan story and made us reflect on who our 'neighbour' is.

The children then took part in a variety of activities linked to thinking of others and making a difference to the lives of those around us by our thoughts, words and deeds. Mrs Lacey joined us for cake decorating and the JAM Club led a session on Helping Hands! These were thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Our Worship Council worked with Mrs Winter to make a Prayer Box that we'll use in school; children can write prayers to be shared as part of our future assemblies.

We then had out Christmas lunch! The AAB joined us and helped with the serving up and clearing away! (Thank you!)

We then all made Christingles and the Year 6 children led the school in a service they had written and prepared. They were absolutely fantastic and made us all reflect and think about the message of Christmas. Our Friend Philip blessed the Christingles and finished our special day.