Brilliant Bovington

On Wednesday 12th December, class 3 and 4 went on a school trip to the tank museum in Bovington because they were learning about the World Wars.

Class 3 went into the trench. They sang silent night in the trench like they were a real soldier. Lots of people were saying that it felt like you are actually in the trench which would be an amazing experience. Lots of people said that they were getting itchy thinking about all those bugs and lice crawling up them but luckily there were no bugs as it was fake.

Inside the trenches, Class 3 sang silent night and they opened a wartime Christmas parcel. Inside was socks, chocolates and a picture.


A pupil called Bowden, got to dress up like a soldier. He said it was his favourite thing!

Next, the children saw the tanks. As class 3 were really well behaved, they were lucky enough to go inside one! The children were so interested in the tanks that they asked Tom, the museum guide, to tell them the weight of the heaviest tank. It was 85 tonnes!

Class 3 also went to the war horse exhibition and smelt the stable. Everyone said, "Yuck! Disgusting! what a nasty smell!"

There were many types of horses and even a donkeys that were used in WW1. During a workshop ran by the museum staff, the children found out that horses carried swords so if a German soldier was in their way, they could stab them. They also found out that soldiers tied ropes to the swords so they could drag the sword out behind them.

Class 3 report written by Henry G, Martha, Anya, Kimberley, Erin, Mungo, Henry R and Frankie.

Class 4 also enjoyed going into and learning about the World War 1 tank. However, they participated in workshops relating to World War 2. 

During the first, Class 4 learnt about the roles of Air Raid Wardens during the Blitz, the different types of bombs dropped on Britain, experienced and operated an air raid siren and learnt about the importance of the Women's Land Army.

Their second workshop was focused on home life during the war. The workshop was held in a mock typical World War 2 style home. They learnt about how life at the time differed from today including toys that children had, rationing and what it was like to be in an Anderson Shelter during an air raid. 

Both classes enjoyed their trip. Back at school, the children presented their learning on World War 1 and 2 to parents in an assembly.