St Michael's Official Opening Friday 9 November 2018

I am delighted to be able to welcome you all to this, our new site for St Michael's Primary School, Larkhill. A brand new, state of the art primary school with a beautiful new nursery. This is a new site for us, but not a new site for families, because we have evidence that people have lived here for thousands of years, including the families of the architects of Stonehenge!

Facilities at the school include extensive, beautifully landscaped grounds with a dedicated sports pitch and multi use games area. St Michael's is committed to a curriculum that takes learning outside and is delighted to have areas like the meadow garden and exploration trail as outdoor learning areas. 

The school has already been making the most of its wonderful spaces. A recent collaboration with Wessex Archaeology has seen a project to establish the school as 'A place in time', exploring the historical links with the area. Artefacts and illustrations throughout the school evidence how the school links with its locality through the ages. 

I realise that the idea to move this school started long before my time, and that there have been many people, planning and working hard to make what we have here today possible. For that, I know that we are all tremendously grateful.  There are huge number of people who been part of this journey, many of who I don’t know, and many of those who  we can now call friends!  But I do know that there need to be very many thank yous, and I apologise in advance if I have missed anyone!


I would like to start with the original governors of FStM for being brave.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation for making the land available.

The architects, Kendall Kingscott, in particular Guiseppi Amesbury and the children who influenced the design of this beautiful building,

To the Morgan Sindall Team, Wiltshire Council and Lovells for their support, in particular Tom Lindsay and Anthony Dixon for enabling us to move here, and Matthew Surgeon for making it happen.

The Salisbury Plain Academies Core Services who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes with a special thanks to Jo Wakeham.

The current AAB -  for their support with site meetings and behind the scenes work – in particular David Winter for his determination to see the job done well.

The staff -  past and present for their patience and resilience throughout, but in particular the team here now who have worked so incredibly hard.

Parents – for believing in our vision, moving with us and your support throughout

Children – for your unwavering enthusiasm and settling in SO very quickly

The Diocese for supporting us as a Church School.

The Trust Board and Members for support and influence

Wessex Archaeology for helping make sure the school takes its place within the historical timeline of the area

And Lovells and Morgan Sindall for funding the artefact work seen around the school.

 I feel hugely privileged being here, thinking back to the cut in the chalk that we saw just over a year ago, to this! An incredible school, by which I mean not only the building but the individuals within it; providing our children with the firm foundation they need to go out from here, standout  in their communities and shine brightly in a rapidly changing world.

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