A group of Year 2s and 6s went to AVC to take part in the annual Indoor Athletics competition.

Daniel, George, Ruby, Mia, Cameron, Jason, Mollie, Imogen, Kirsten, Ollie and Aisake all had the opportunity to try a selection of athletic events. All scores were recorded and medals awarded at the end. Parents enjoyed watching the activities and the school would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who were able to drive their and other children to this event. Well done George (Year 1) who joined Year 2s and Mollie (Year 4) who stepped in to help the Year 6s as they were short of competitors.

Each child completed all activities and had a great time. 

“I think I will be good at this throwing.”

“I am crossing my fingers for a medal!”

The events were: Javelin (soft), chest pass with medicine ball, long jump, high jump, speed bounce, balance bar, bean bag target aim. St. Michael’s children showed great determination and came home with quite a few medals!

Mia- top score in beam balance

Ruby – best long jump

Cameron- best javelin throw

Jason-  furthest chest pass

Ollie-  chest pass

Imogen – highest speed bounce in a minute

Aisake- best javelin throw.

A great start to Team St. Michael’s sporting calendar. Well done to all who took part as they were superb ambassadors for the school; noble in defeat and triumph.