Darkness Into Light at St. Michaels

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On Tuesday 19th December we held a Darkness into Light Day. The aim of the day was for children to understand the importance of Light as a symbol in the Christian religion, Jesus is known as the Light of the World. All through Advent the children at St Michael’s have been getting themselves ready for Christmas; they have been little lights too. They have been carrying out Random Acts of Kindness each day to make a difference to those around them and make our school community an even lovelier place to be!

It was a lovely opportunity to work alongside children and reflect on what we can do to make Christmas a happy time for others.
— Owena Archer, Class Teacher
I loved the singing in church at the Christingle service.
— Henry Class 3

Other faiths also put an importance on light as a symbol, the Jews at Hanukkah and Hindus at Diwali’. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming into the world as a light to show us the way; a bit like a St Michael’s shining example. The day was about getting ready for Christmas, looking at ways we can make a difference in the world, what we can do to be little lights in our home, school, community and world community. 

I liked making the orange and holding the candle
— Freddie Class 1

Padre Birch started the day with collective worship focussing on light in the world. The children were then involved in a range of activities, making paperchains in order to think about their strengths and how they can offer these to our community; creating pipe cleaner people to represent people in the community who need their thoughts over the festive period; making wishes for the world and writing these on stars which opened up to offer up their wishes; nightlight holders to represent how their lights shine out and make a difference to others around them. We finished the day with a Christingle Service at St Michael’s Church led by Rev Philip Bromiley.

It was a really calm and relaxing day, filled with candlelight and providing a time to stop, think and reflect.
— Lucy Lafferty Class Teacher
The school looked wonderful with an overall air of calmness and tranquility as we entered.
— Caroline Lacey AAB Member