Dinosaur hunting.

Pupils from St Michael’s primary school, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, went on a dinosaur hunt recently.

The adventure through the school grounds launched the children’s new term topic on dinosaurs.

Pupils in the reception and Year 1 and 2 classes, were shown a video of a T-Rex walking through the school before they went looking for the dinosaur.

“The children found several footprints and frozen eggs hidden in the trees,” said class teacher, Cheryl Palmer. “We then went back into the classroom and tried to melt the dinosaur eggs to see what was inside. The children learnt lots of facts about dinosaurs and learnt their names and what characteristics each one had.”

Year 1 pupil, Isabella said: “I liked looking around the school for footprints and eggs.”

“I liked melting the eggs to see what was inside,” said Year 1 pupil Cameron.

Dino 1 copy.jpg
Dino 7 copy.jpg