Pupils step back in time

Pupils from St Michael’s Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Acadmies, stepped back in time recently.

The Year 2 students spent a day experiencing what education would have been like in the Victorian era. The children went to school dressed in Victorian costumes and took part in lessons which included chanting the times tables, practising their handwriting with chalk, writing dictations, reading from the bibles and using the Victorian money system.

“The children seemed to enjoy getting into their characters and had made a fantastic effort with their costumes and role play,” said class teacher, Nick Elliott.

The children also enjoyed a Victorian style break time, when they played hopscotch, rolled hoops and perfected their skipping.

Later in the day the children went on a nature walk. They used charts to identify the trees, flowers and birds seen on the school grounds. They also collected natural objects of interest which they sketched back in the classroom.

Everyone had an amazing day and class 3 pupil Alex agreed. “Can we have a Victorian Day every day?” he said.