From Figheldean to Larkhill

Pupils from St Michael’s Church of England Primary School in Figheldean, part of Salisbury Plain Academies Trust, set out to visit their new school at Larkhill recently, on foot.

The pupils left Figheldean and walked across the A345 and then onto the Plain. The idea was for them to see where the new Larkhill school is being built in relation to the current site.  

“It was two miles there, “said Principal Nicky Phillips. “The children could see the site and the steel structure from a long way away. When we arrived we were met by Rob Easton the site manager who explained what was happening.” 

One of the first things the youngsters could see was the 70 ton crane at work putting in the first floor panels. Then each child was given the opportunity to sign a piece of steel frame which will be put into the ceiling of the first floor.  

“That will be the first and last bit of graffiti at our new school,” laughed Nicky Phillips.  

The youngsters will be relocating to the school next September ready for the rebasing of Army families back to Larkhill. The new building, which is costing £6.9 million, will accommodate up to 420 pupils and include a 60 place nursery. 

The school will be a two storey building with four main areas consisting of the school hall, two class room blocks and it will include a linked element of a ‘school street’ along with support accommodation.