Being a Church School

I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. John 10:10

We are proud to be an open, inclusive, diverse church school at the centre of our community in Larkhill, where children are encouraged to shine brightly, to stand out.

St Michael’s aims to provide a challenging, yet nurturing, environment based on our Christian Values.  It is our responsibility as a Church of England school to provide the children with the building blocks of the Christian faith through the means of worship, prayer and familiarity with Scripture. Our children are challenged to think for themselves about the big questions that face the world today, within an environment which is accepting of other faiths and cultures.

 All the children in our care are children of God and are created in his likeness. God is love and he wants the best for his children.  He wants us to have life in all its fullness, and central to the Christian faith is the truth that he sent his Son to die for us so that we might be forgiven and by his grace receive eternal life, and to build a relationship with him of love and trust.  He never said that things would be easy, but that he is with us by his Spirit in whatever situations we find ourselves. As we grow in that relationship and allow his Spirit to work in our lives, we see the outworking of that in all we do, think and say.  Our values demonstrate qualities which we would find in that relationship.

Spirituality at St Michael’s

We nurture and celebrate each person within our school family; individuals are respected and valued equally without regard to ability, gender, faith, heritage or race. Here at St Michael's, spirituality is where we 'grow the soul'. It is woven like a thread through our school enriching who we are. 

By creating meaningful moments, we aim to transform thoughts, actions and heighten awareness. Through providing an exciting, engaging and thought provoking curriculum we encourage children to explore, ask questions, reflect and grow as unique individuals. We want our pupils to go out from St Michael’s and shine brightly in their communities. 

Assemblies and Collective Worship

An act of Collective Worship takes place every day and is an important part of school life, making space for pupils and staff to come together and share in worship through learning, music, reflection and prayer. Our worship is inclusive and gives all of the school community the chance to be part of the experience, while respecting the integrity of family and cultural backgrounds.

The weekly pattern of collective worship looks like this:

Monday – Head Teacher’s worship, introducing the focus of the week

Tuesday - Class worship linked to the week's theme

Wednesday - Hymn practice

Thursday - Led by a member of the church

Friday - Celebration Assembly

Please click here for timetable for worship Term 1

Please click here for timetable for worship Term 2

Please click here for timetable for worship Term 3

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Our Friend Philip of the Avon River Team and other members of the Church visit our school regularly, each Thursday we have our worship led by one of these visitors.

 Teachers and the Headteacher lead Collective Worship during the week and there is a Celebration Assembly once a week to celebrate pupil’s achievements. From time to time a whole class plans and delivers collective worship to which parents are invited. We also celebrate Harvest, Remembrance, Christmas and Easter, inviting a member of the Church to support our worship.

Our School Prayer

 This is our school

Let peace live here

Let the rooms be full of happiness

Let love be all around

Love of one another

Love of life, living and learning

Help us to remember, that as many hands build a house

So many hearts make a school





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