Welcome to Term 4

Over the past 2 weeks we have continued our topic on castles. We have made our own castles in groups and found out about who lives in a castle. This week we have started learning a story to help us write our own traditional tale.  Our Maths last week involved time, days of the week and o'clock (1/2 past for Y1). This week we are continuing work on numbers, ordering placing on a number line and writing. Later this week we hope to start work on our shields. 

This term we are exploring castles. We have already looked at some of the features of castles and why they were built. We are turning our role play area into a castle and have already put on walls,  made a drawbridge and a moat! Not real water. We have 2 knights costumes and some people have kindly donated other costumes etc. We are going to work in groups to design and make our own smaller castles so, if anyone could help with shoe boxes, tubes or small boxes that would be much appreciated. Hopefully the weather will stay dry and we can carry on building outside. We have already had a dungeon created and a prisoner in it.

This week in Maths

FS is learning about numbers to and beyond 20. We are also trying to estimate (a sensible guess) how many objects we have and use the vocabulary more, less and fewer.

Y1 we are carrying on counting in 2' and 10's and also introducing 5's. We are using the vocabulary "lots of" eg 2 lots of 10equals 20 as the beginning of multiplication. We are also learning about halves.

This week in English

We are all learning about labels and moving on to captions.

FS sounds ow/ouur

Y1 oe aw au and adding s -es suffixes to make plurals.