Pupil Premium Reporting Form 2017-18

The information below details our Pupil Premium, service pupil and sport funding grants.

Number of pupils & pupil premium grant (PPG) received
Total number of pupils on roll 75
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 49
Amount PPG received per pupil £1320 per FSM(2) pupil;
£1900 per Looked After Child (0);
£300 per service (47) pupil
Total amount of PPG received £16, 740

In 2017-18 the school will receive £16, 740 pupil premium funding for 49 pupils, this amounts to 65% of the school population.

The following table identifies how the money will be spent and the impact of it on the children at the school.

Description Budget Objective Impact and Evaluation
Emotional Literacy Support
£16,000 To enable children to be supported to:
  • have a point of contact to help deal with worries, concerns and difficulties
  • support pupils with transition into and out of the school
  • relate positively
  • react to conflict and difficulty without losing control
  • relate positively to peers/adults
  • to develop trusting relationships and confidence
  • to develop a positive attitude
Wright to Talk
£500 To enable specific children to be supported to:
  • deal with shock, difficulty and issues surrounding family breakdowns, conflict and bereavement
Bluey Club £50 To provide time in school for pupils with Forces parents to:
  • keep in regular touch via Bluey
  • celebrate birthdays and important occasions
Money to support a specific need/occasion £190 To provide top up funding for Disadvantaged pupils to ensure they have equal access to the school opportunities.  

PE and Sports Premium Grant 2017-18

This year (2017-18) we will receive £16,750 in funding. We will be using the Sports Premium to target the following areas:

Continuous Professional Development:

Last year, we employed a Mrs Lucy Palmer to provide coaching to team teach with our four members of staff for one hour a week. She planned lessons and modelled games specific skills/techniques. She also led PE across the school and organized all the festivals that the children took part in. This year, she will continue to lead PE and organize the festivals and take some lessons, but will also be supporting members of staff who are leading clubs and enrichment activities.

Sports Competitions

We will continue to use funding to allow us to enter a variety of sports competitions e.g. tag rugby, golf, gymnastics, year 3/4 football, year 5/6 football (including a girls team), kwik cricket (including a girls team) and hockey.  Where possible, we are also encouraging more children in year 2 to take part in competitions e.g. orienteering and fundamental skills. It will also go towards transport to and from festivals, to fund our affiliation to the Area Athletics Association as well as activities linked with resources from Avon Valley College.

After School Clubs

We will be supporting extra-curricular sports clubs and funding two PE clubs, one for KS1 and one for KS2, throughout the year.

Renewing Equipment

Money will also be used to replace/renew PE and playground equipment, e.g. new tag rugby kit to replace old for new and soft balls, skipping ropes and French skipping for break times.

Description Budget Objective Success criteria Evidence
PE leader £8,000

To ensure our small school is involved in a many sporting activities across the county

To ensure the children’s experience of PE is not compromised by its size.

  • Children access to as many sporting activities as possible
  • Children have access to opportunities to compete with other children and schools to widen their experience of competition and challenge
Swimming lessons, pool hire and transport not covered by parent donations £1,000  
  • Increase the proportion of swimmers (who can swim at least 25m) by the end of Y5
  • Develop water confidence and water safety skills
  • Develop an increased positivity attitude towards physical activity and exercise
Transport for sporting activities, events and entrance fee, tournaments, competitions and support from AVC £6,000 To enable access sand uptake to sports and physical activity beyond the school To provide time in school for pupils with Forces parents to:
  • Increase uptake and involvement of sports and physical activity beyond that provided within the usual school curriculum
  • Increase involvement in competitive sports with other school
Sports coaches and instructors   Provide more regular access to high quality sports coaching To provide time in school for pupils with Forces parents to:
  • For children to have regular access to high quality sports coaching
  • Increased confidence and staff development for teaching the skills of sport
  • Increase access for all pupils to sports clubs at school
Training opportunities for support staff to increase their skills and confidence £750 Support training and development of PE teaching in the school as a whole To provide time in school for pupils with Forces parents to:
  • Increase capacity and confidence of support staff to run enrichment activities and clubs in the school
Sports Equipment £1,000 To provide greater access to a range of sports and sporting equipment To provide time in school for pupils with Forces parents to:
  • Children accessing a wider range of activities in school
  • Children having an increased range and quality of equipment to use