Class 2 - Windsocks

In Class 2, we have been combining our learning in Science and English, as well as using our creative skills, to make our own windsocks! After watching Mrs Lafferty, we wrote a set of instructions and then gathered the resources to make a windsock of our own. Finally, we went outside to hang them on the fence - luckily it was a windy day so we got to see them blow! 

Christingle Service 2018


Year 6 children from St Michael’s took part in the 50th Year of Christingle at Salisbury Cathedral on Thursday 11 December 2018.

The Christingle service originated in the Moravian Church in Germany, and The Children's Society adapted and introduced it to the Church of England as a way to help disadvantaged children and young people.

The first service took place on 7th December 1968. Since then the campaign has raised millions of pounds to support vulnerable children and young people across the country.

A traditional service was led by the Dean of Salisbury, The Very Reverend Nicholas Papadopulos.

It featured the Cathedral School Junior choir singing a new song 'Light a Candle' which was commissioned by The Children's Society to celebrate the 50th anniversary.


Mend the Manger

This week the children from Nursery, Class 1 and Class 2 have been very busy performing their nativity 'Mend the Manger'. They have all worked so hard to learn their words and several songs, and it certainly paid off. All of the staff want to thank parents and carers for their continued support, and hope you enjoy the photos. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nursery, EYFS and KS1 Nativity 'Mend a Manger'

The children in Nursery, EYFS and KS1 have been busy rehearsing their Nativity Play "Mend the Manger" and performed their dress rehearsal to the school! Parents, do join us on Wednesday and Thursday, you're in for a treat! 

St Michael's Official Opening Friday 9 November 2018

I am delighted to be able to welcome you all to this, our new site for St Michael's Primary School, Larkhill. A brand new, state of the art primary school with a beautiful new nursery. This is a new site for us, but not a new site for families, because we have evidence that people have lived here for thousands of years, including the families of the architects of Stonehenge!

Facilities at the school include extensive, beautifully landscaped grounds with a dedicated sports pitch and multi use games area. St Michael's is committed to a curriculum that takes learning outside and is delighted to have areas like the meadow garden and exploration trail as outdoor learning areas. 

The school has already been making the most of its wonderful spaces. A recent collaboration with Wessex Archaeology has seen a project to establish the school as 'A place in time', exploring the historical links with the area. Artefacts and illustrations throughout the school evidence how the school links with its locality through the ages. 

I realise that the idea to move this school started long before my time, and that there have been many people, planning and working hard to make what we have here today possible. For that, I know that we are all tremendously grateful.  There are huge number of people who been part of this journey, many of who I don’t know, and many of those who  we can now call friends!  But I do know that there need to be very many thank yous, and I apologise in advance if I have missed anyone!


I would like to start with the original governors of FStM for being brave.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation for making the land available.

The architects, Kendall Kingscott, in particular Guiseppi Amesbury and the children who influenced the design of this beautiful building,

To the Morgan Sindall Team, Wiltshire Council and Lovells for their support, in particular Tom Lindsay and Anthony Dixon for enabling us to move here, and Matthew Surgeon for making it happen.

The Salisbury Plain Academies Core Services who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes with a special thanks to Jo Wakeham.

The current AAB -  for their support with site meetings and behind the scenes work – in particular David Winter for his determination to see the job done well.

The staff -  past and present for their patience and resilience throughout, but in particular the team here now who have worked so incredibly hard.

Parents – for believing in our vision, moving with us and your support throughout

Children – for your unwavering enthusiasm and settling in SO very quickly

The Diocese for supporting us as a Church School.

The Trust Board and Members for support and influence

Wessex Archaeology for helping make sure the school takes its place within the historical timeline of the area

And Lovells and Morgan Sindall for funding the artefact work seen around the school.

 I feel hugely privileged being here, thinking back to the cut in the chalk that we saw just over a year ago, to this! An incredible school, by which I mean not only the building but the individuals within it; providing our children with the firm foundation they need to go out from here, standout  in their communities and shine brightly in a rapidly changing world.

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Terry Deary's The 11th Hour

On the lead up to Remembrance Day and the 100th Anniversary of the end of World War 1, the children of St Michael's Primary School were joined by children from Bulford St Leonard's, Larkhill and Pembroke Park to watch the thought provoking play, The 11th Hour..

Prime Theatre Company set up a War World 1 trench in the middle of the school hall and the children watched the story of two soldiers during the last hour of the war. The play was written especially for Wiltshire school by Terry Deary, author of the Horrible History books. 

The 11th Hour was full of humour, drama, emotions and facts and really brought to life the terrible conditions and danger the soldiers lived in. Highlights from the play were when the two soldiers from either side had a 'dance off', sang Silent Night, reenacted the Christmas truce and compared their time in the trenches.

The children of St Michael's Primary enjoyed learning with the cast during workshops in the afternoon. They were able to ask the soldier's questions about their experiences as well as learn some drama and acting skills.

Remembrance Service

The children at St Michael's gathered together to commemorate the end of WW1 and remember those who gave their lives in that war and other conflicts.

The service was led by our friend Rev Philip Bromiley and we heard from Sam Woodhouse of Wessex Archeology, how the area outside our school was the largest training area for trench warfare in the country. He spoke of the many archaeological finds from this time along with some graffiti of names of some of the men training in the area. Some of the artefacts are currently on display in our school.

The children wrote prayers and made poppies to lay on the altar as part of the service.

Four children accompanied Ms Phillips to the service of Remembrance at the Garrison Church at Larkhill. There they laid a wreath.


A group of Year 2s and 6s went to AVC to take part in the annual Indoor Athletics competition.

Daniel, George, Ruby, Mia, Cameron, Jason, Mollie, Imogen, Kirsten, Ollie and Aisake all had the opportunity to try a selection of athletic events. All scores were recorded and medals awarded at the end. Parents enjoyed watching the activities and the school would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who were able to drive their and other children to this event. Well done George (Year 1) who joined Year 2s and Mollie (Year 4) who stepped in to help the Year 6s as they were short of competitors.

Each child completed all activities and had a great time. 

“I think I will be good at this throwing.”

“I am crossing my fingers for a medal!”

The events were: Javelin (soft), chest pass with medicine ball, long jump, high jump, speed bounce, balance bar, bean bag target aim. St. Michael’s children showed great determination and came home with quite a few medals!

Mia- top score in beam balance

Ruby – best long jump

Cameron- best javelin throw

Jason-  furthest chest pass

Ollie-  chest pass

Imogen – highest speed bounce in a minute

Aisake- best javelin throw.

A great start to Team St. Michael’s sporting calendar. Well done to all who took part as they were superb ambassadors for the school; noble in defeat and triumph.

New School

Dear Parents,

NEW SCHOOL UPDATE – a one day delay to opening is a possibility

We have now fully vacated the old school and are busy getting ourselves set up in the new school. It was a hive of activity today as furniture arrived and new classes were starting to emerge from the packing materials.

We are expecting final deliveries on Thursday and Friday this week – alongside a further flurry of activity as the contractors work backwards out towards the final doors! There have been one or two delays on external works; believe it or not the unseasonably hot weather has caused some issues with the landscaping – so the site may not be quite as meticulous as we would have liked when the children start – but we’ll work around that with health and safety at the forefront of our plans. There is some tarmacking also to complete and the site buildings to be withdrawn by the end of September.

Please be aware – there is a chance that the building will NOT be signed off from the contractors until the end of the day on Monday 3rd September. IF this happens – we are going to have no choice but to delay the formal staff familiarisation to the morning of Tuesday 4th September – with parents and children welcome for their familiarisation on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th September and school starting properly for all pupils on Wednesday 5th September.

We know and appreciate that this may cause some difficulties, and we will do everything we can to push for completion on Friday this week. We will send a further e mail out at the end of the day on Friday to update you – but we felt it was better to let you know sooner rather than later so that plans could be made in case of that one day’s delay.

Thank you in anticipation for your patience and forbearance. We will keep you updated.


CJ Evans (CEO) and Ms N Phillips (Principal)


Friday Enrichment Activities

Many of our Friday Enrichment activities are moving outdoors now as the weather improves. Mrs Morgan is running an outdoor ‘crafty’ sessions with the help of Ms Brown; the results have been stunning!

The pupils started collecting and painting sticks, and used these to make into a frame. The next stage was to wrap thread around these frames, and weave in pieces of plant and flowers. I think you’ll agree the finished pieces of work are fabulous and have certainly enhanced our school site!


Easter Service

Our Easter Service was led by some of the children from Class 4 and the Rev Philip Bromiley. Each class contributed with their own Easter message. Five Little Chicks from Class 1, Class 2 told us all about Passover, we heard about Jelly Beans from Class 3 and Class 4 told us about some of the superstitions and quotes linked with Easter.


It was a thought provoking and thoughtful service, with many thanks to all involved. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Eastertide.