A group of Year 2s and 6s went to AVC to take part in the annual Indoor Athletics competition.

Daniel, George, Ruby, Mia, Cameron, Jason, Mollie, Imogen, Kirsten, Ollie and Aisake all had the opportunity to try a selection of athletic events. All scores were recorded and medals awarded at the end. Parents enjoyed watching the activities and the school would like to say ‘thank you’ to those who were able to drive their and other children to this event. Well done George (Year 1) who joined Year 2s and Mollie (Year 4) who stepped in to help the Year 6s as they were short of competitors.

Each child completed all activities and had a great time. 

“I think I will be good at this throwing.”

“I am crossing my fingers for a medal!”

The events were: Javelin (soft), chest pass with medicine ball, long jump, high jump, speed bounce, balance bar, bean bag target aim. St. Michael’s children showed great determination and came home with quite a few medals!

Mia- top score in beam balance

Ruby – best long jump

Cameron- best javelin throw

Jason-  furthest chest pass

Ollie-  chest pass

Imogen – highest speed bounce in a minute

Aisake- best javelin throw.

A great start to Team St. Michael’s sporting calendar. Well done to all who took part as they were superb ambassadors for the school; noble in defeat and triumph.

New School

Dear Parents,

NEW SCHOOL UPDATE – a one day delay to opening is a possibility

We have now fully vacated the old school and are busy getting ourselves set up in the new school. It was a hive of activity today as furniture arrived and new classes were starting to emerge from the packing materials.

We are expecting final deliveries on Thursday and Friday this week – alongside a further flurry of activity as the contractors work backwards out towards the final doors! There have been one or two delays on external works; believe it or not the unseasonably hot weather has caused some issues with the landscaping – so the site may not be quite as meticulous as we would have liked when the children start – but we’ll work around that with health and safety at the forefront of our plans. There is some tarmacking also to complete and the site buildings to be withdrawn by the end of September.

Please be aware – there is a chance that the building will NOT be signed off from the contractors until the end of the day on Monday 3rd September. IF this happens – we are going to have no choice but to delay the formal staff familiarisation to the morning of Tuesday 4th September – with parents and children welcome for their familiarisation on the afternoon of Tuesday 4th September and school starting properly for all pupils on Wednesday 5th September.

We know and appreciate that this may cause some difficulties, and we will do everything we can to push for completion on Friday this week. We will send a further e mail out at the end of the day on Friday to update you – but we felt it was better to let you know sooner rather than later so that plans could be made in case of that one day’s delay.

Thank you in anticipation for your patience and forbearance. We will keep you updated.


CJ Evans (CEO) and Ms N Phillips (Principal)


Friday Enrichment Activities

Many of our Friday Enrichment activities are moving outdoors now as the weather improves. Mrs Morgan is running an outdoor ‘crafty’ sessions with the help of Ms Brown; the results have been stunning!

The pupils started collecting and painting sticks, and used these to make into a frame. The next stage was to wrap thread around these frames, and weave in pieces of plant and flowers. I think you’ll agree the finished pieces of work are fabulous and have certainly enhanced our school site!


Easter Service

Our Easter Service was led by some of the children from Class 4 and the Rev Philip Bromiley. Each class contributed with their own Easter message. Five Little Chicks from Class 1, Class 2 told us all about Passover, we heard about Jelly Beans from Class 3 and Class 4 told us about some of the superstitions and quotes linked with Easter.


It was a thought provoking and thoughtful service, with many thanks to all involved. Wishing you all a happy and peaceful Eastertide.

Book Week 2018



On the week beginning Monday 26th February 2018, all the children and staff at St. Michael’s Primary School enjoyed celebrating books and reading through a whole week of book related activities. The children completed a wide range of fun and educational activities focused on the picture book ‘A Child of Books’ by Oliver Jeffers.

To develop a LOVE of reading is something that we value highly at St Michael’s as the benefits are far reaching to children both academically and personally. The success of our first book week, where the children were immersed in reading activities, has gone a long way towards developing a positive reading culture in our school.

The children loved taking part in a wide range of activities focused on ‘A Child of Book’, from art to drama, geography to science, storytelling to composing music. Each task enabled the children to deepen their understanding of the text and express their thoughts, feelings and imaginations. The children were also challenge to complete a piece of writing based on the book. The best writers from each year group were invited to a ‘Writer’s Tea Party’ where they got to discuss their writing over cakes and squash.

“I was very pleased to win the writing competition and enjoyed taking part in the Writer’s Tea party.” George, Class 4.

Due to the snow, the school postponed their ‘World Book Day’ to the following Monday when the children arrived at school dressed as their favourite book character. We had ‘Where’s Wally’ to spot, ‘Matilda’ reading books, ‘Charlie’ giving out chocolate and a ‘Gangster Granny’ to avoid as well as many others. Parent’s stayed in the morning to share their favourite stories and during the day the whole school stopped when the bell rang to ‘drop everything and read.’

“Book week was amazing! I loved that we had to stop and read when the bell rang,” Annabelle, Class 3
“The fact we were all working on the same book was superb. It was great that we got to dress up as our favourite book characters to finish our book week.” Elli, Class 3

All in all, the children had an amazing week developing a LOVE for books and reading!


Maths Madness

Number day 2.jpg

On Friday 2nd February the children took part in NSPCC Number Day raising awareness of Maths whilst collecting some money for a very worthwhile cause. The curriculum was collapsed for the morning and the children took part in a range of activities that were all related to number.

I really enjoyed the challenges Mr Elliott set us on the playground answering mental maths questions.
— George, Class 4

The children in Class 1 and 2 joined together to play board games, make a human number line and try and get the highest score on a target board. In Class 3, the children wore football shirts and solved various problems such as making the biggest possible number. Mr Elliott designed a quiz for the Class 4 children, and they had to race to get the answers. They then took this back to class and played a challenging game on count down.

My favourite part of the day was making a human number line, it was so much fun!
— Francesca, Class 2

Mrs Lafferty, Maths Coordinator, said ‘This has been a fantastic day to raise the children’s awareness of Maths and help a worthwhile cause! The children were all extremely engaged in a wide range of activities across the school.’

Darkness Into Light at St. Michaels

reflection  (26).JPG

On Tuesday 19th December we held a Darkness into Light Day. The aim of the day was for children to understand the importance of Light as a symbol in the Christian religion, Jesus is known as the Light of the World. All through Advent the children at St Michael’s have been getting themselves ready for Christmas; they have been little lights too. They have been carrying out Random Acts of Kindness each day to make a difference to those around them and make our school community an even lovelier place to be!

It was a lovely opportunity to work alongside children and reflect on what we can do to make Christmas a happy time for others.
— Owena Archer, Class Teacher
I loved the singing in church at the Christingle service.
— Henry Class 3

Other faiths also put an importance on light as a symbol, the Jews at Hanukkah and Hindus at Diwali’. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus coming into the world as a light to show us the way; a bit like a St Michael’s shining example. The day was about getting ready for Christmas, looking at ways we can make a difference in the world, what we can do to be little lights in our home, school, community and world community. 

I liked making the orange and holding the candle
— Freddie Class 1

Padre Birch started the day with collective worship focussing on light in the world. The children were then involved in a range of activities, making paperchains in order to think about their strengths and how they can offer these to our community; creating pipe cleaner people to represent people in the community who need their thoughts over the festive period; making wishes for the world and writing these on stars which opened up to offer up their wishes; nightlight holders to represent how their lights shine out and make a difference to others around them. We finished the day with a Christingle Service at St Michael’s Church led by Rev Philip Bromiley.

It was a really calm and relaxing day, filled with candlelight and providing a time to stop, think and reflect.
— Lucy Lafferty Class Teacher
The school looked wonderful with an overall air of calmness and tranquility as we entered.
— Caroline Lacey AAB Member