St Michael's is part of a multi-academy trust (MAT) - Salisbury Plain Academies. All academies in a MAT are governed by one trust and a single Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run, from the curriculum to staffing. The MAT has established an advisory board for each of its academies, to which it can delegate some of its functions. The MAT remains accountable for these functions.

Within Salisbury Plain Academies every school has an Academy Advisory Board made up of representatives from the school, the trust, the parents and the community to respond to the context, needs and resources of its school community and its connections to the wider world. 

AAB Members

Mr Steve Flower - (Chair) - AAB Member

Mr Steve Flower - (Chair) - AAB Member

Mrs Chrysogon Bamber - AAB Member

Mrs Chrysogon Bamber - AAB Member

Mrs Caroline Lacey - AAB Member

Mrs Caroline Lacey - AAB Member

Mrs Daphne Winter - AAB Member

Mrs Daphne Winter - AAB Member

Mr Alastair Parkinson - AAB Member

Mr Alastair Parkinson - AAB Member


Members and Board of Trustees

A list of Salisbury Plain Academies Members and Trust Board members, plus further information is available via the Salisbury Plain Academies website.

Academy Advisory Boards

Academy Advisory Boards (AAB) work closely with the Principal of the individual academies to support the development and improvement of teaching, learning and standards within them.  They are the voice of the school and the community, communicating with the Board and the Central Committees, ensuring there are always opportunities to engage, to listen and to and communicate key messages.

The role of an Academy Advisory Board member is voluntary, however, in order for the Academy Advisory Board to function efficiently and effectively, there are allocated responsibilities for AAB members in order to achieve this.  Support and guidance is given in the form of induction and on-going training. 

The primary responsibility of the AAB is to support the monitoring and evaluation of the quality and impact of leadership in any given academy. The AAB also contributes to monitoring the extent of community involvement by the academy and considers how the academy ‘reaches out’ to its local community. The AAB also has a vital responsibility in ensuring the Christian Distinctiveness of St, Michael’s.

Please click the link to download further information and business interests for AAB Members.

AAB Members

Stephen Flower: Parent member, Lead, Data and Assessment

I joined the governing body of St Michael’s (as it was called at the time) as parent governor in 2012. Both of my daughters have attended the school from Reception through year 6, so I have experienced all classes from a parent’s point of view.

In my first years as a governor, I was on the finance committee, but with the more recent structure within the MAT, the AAB is principally concerned with the quality of teaching and learning as well as offering constructive support to the staff and Principal.

As well as being the Lead for the AAB, I have particular responsibility for interpreting the wealth of data that is produced. This data is used to analyse the progress that the school is making, to ask relevant questions and to focus attention where it is most needed.

It has been and continues to be a pleasure, a learning and an eye-opening experience to work with the other AAB members to ensure that the children’s education is the best that it can be. The aim is always to allow the children to grow and develop as young people in a safe and nurturing environment and to equip them to be able to thrive and succeed when they leave St Michael’s.

In the wider world, having worked as a professional musician for many years, I now work primarily for a world-renowned instrument manufacturer. I hope that this experience of the arts, business, travel and managing relationships with people all over the world and from many different cultures, helps me bring a variety of skills to add to those of the other AAB members and to use them to work for the benefit of the school.

Chrysogon Bamber: Foundation member, SIAMS and Travel Plan

I joined the Board of Governors 19 years ago as a Foundation member nominated by the PCC and as a long time resident of the village. My daughters both attended the school. 

I bring experience as a Licensed Lay Minister in the local church team and also my work experience as a primary school admin officer for some years.  Living in the local community also brings an added dimension to the role.  I have served on Premises, Health and Safety committees, as well as being one of two school representatives on the committee commissioning and building the new school premises at Larkhill.  I have been involved in this project since the first vision took shape. 

I am committed to providing the best possible environment for the children of Figheldean and surrounding communities to thrive, and bring my faith perspective and church role to this commitment.As a church community we are eager to now include the wider service families in this vision.

Caroline Lacey: Foundation member, Deputy Lead, Safeguarding, SEND and Behaviour

I am a retired teacher with a wealth of experience in a variety of educational settings and roles. My last 25 years in teaching, were as Deputy Head in a residential, special needs school.  There I was privileged to work with young people with complex special educational needs, such as Asperger Syndrome, ADHD, etc.

  It is with all of my experience and a belief in the power of education that I am drawn to being an AAB Member at St. Michael’s. My main interests being in the learning that is taking place and the progress that  children make, along with SEN provision, Safeguarding practices and in ensuring that as a church school the Christian ethos is maintained and further developed in the future

Daphne Winter: Community member, PPG, School and Worship Councils and Travel Plan

I have been a Governor at St. Michael’s for the past 12 years, having had responsibility for areas of Staffing, Equality, Travel and School Council together with an overview of the childrens’ learning.  As an Academy Member our main focus is to ensure the children’s Teaching and Learning is at the highest level and in addition I look after Pupil Premium and Travel as well as being Mentor for the School and Worship Council’s. 

I am committed to ensuring we develop a strong bond with the Church and our community and am passionate we continue to offer our children their very best learning experience to enable them to succeed in the future.

Prior to retirement I was Head of the Special Education Department in College which involved working with Special Schools, Social Services and Headway, ensuring we offered a balanced curriculum and lifelong learning to our part time students. 

My hobbies include caravanning, gardening, reading and my family.

Alastair Parkinson: Community member, Service Liaison and Attendance